ground rules

Whether you’ve found this lovely piece of cyber-karmic energy by personal affiliation or pure chaotic intraweb wanderlust, I hope it can provide a modicum of entertainment, some dubious strand of universal information, or perhaps a mental dimensional portal to a new thought. I’d like my words to hit your brain like moonlight hitting a wild landscape and turning everything strange colors. And don’t pick your nose while reading it.

Topics to be discussed may include, but are not limited to:

* the shelf life of half a white onion, wrapped up in the fridge

* the properties of amethyst and/or obsidian

* dog thought

* people who drive slow, and why they shouldn’t

* posthuman tendencies

* poor decisions that may or may not have had consequences

* henry’s obsession with q-tips

* string theory

* gravity + mountains = fun

* why greeks are awesome

* language: the illusion

* ghosts and other strange friends

So there it is. Dive in, if you dare, but beware of metaphysical vulnerabilities that fiber-optic rambling spirits may exploit.


christina patsiokas

  1. kelly says:

    love it! it’s bound to be brilliant just like you 😉

  2. Dari Pats..... says:

    Please Ma’m may we have some more?

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